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170 $

air condition



250 $


Tour Guide

50 $

english / spanish

Prices per car and tour! NOT per person!


Additional charges for this tour:

food and drinks, boat tour, entrance fees

Wildlife Tour to Zapata National Park

A Wildlife Tour to the Zapata National Park. Drive past sugar cane plantations to the Zapata National Park, one of the most impressive UNESCO biosphere reserves in the world.


There are unspoiled primeval and coastal forests with wild parrots.

There are animals that are not found anywhere else in the world.

(E.g. the hive or better hummingbird the smallest bird in the world or iguanas of up to 1.5 meters in length)


But not only nature and animal lovers will get their money's worth on the Península de Zapata, but also divers and snorkelers will find a unique diving centre here. On the Caribbean coast, between Playa Larga and Playa Grión, there are more than 10 dive sites with breath-taking coral banks and underwater caves.


And, of course, we visit the world-famous crocodile farm with you. Here you can have lunch in a very good restaurant.

Before returning to Varadero, we continue to the historic stalls Pigs BayIn April 1961 fails here the invasion of exiled Cubans (supported by the US) and the attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro.


Important: We will pick you up and bring you back safely to the starting point (i.e. your hotel). Please ensure adequate sun protection. The Zapata National Park is a watery area, please take also insect protection with you! ​If you are driving with a convertible please take warm clothing (hat, warm jacket, and scarf) with you!

Don't forget your bathing suit!

What you will experience on the Wildlife Tour

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