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Classic Car Tours

Welcome to Varadero!

We have a great offer for classic car tours from Varadero.


We will drive with you to Havana, Zapata National Park or the most beautiful cities and regions in Central Cuba.

Havana Tour


Classic car tour Varadero to Havana

Our driver will take you into the Cuban capital of Havana. On the way you will pass, among other things, the stunning Bridge of Bacunayagua and the factories of "Havana Club Rum". 

Tour to Vinales



On an exclusive 3 day classic car tour, we'll take you first to Havana and the Buena Vista Social Night. One day later we drive to Vinales in the middle of the heart of the Cuban tobacco region.

Tour Cienfuegos - Trinidad


classic car tour varadero to trinidad cienfuegos

On a two day trip, the classic car will take you to the "Pearl of the South" in the French-influenced harbour town of Cienfuegos.  Even today, Cienfuegos is the heart of the Cuban sugar industry and ... 

Enjoy Varadero - from above!


Here you have the view from above on one of the most beautiful holiday regions in the Caribbean.

Varadero means kilometers of snow-white beaches, first-class hotels and typical Cuban restaurants.

Relax on the beach; enjoy the sun and delicious drinks.

Go with us on tour! We'll show you Cuba!

Classic car tours in Varadero and Central Cuba

We are looking forward to welcome you on our website. On our site you will find a constantly growing offer of classic car tours for Varadero and Central Cuba.

The selection of our vintage cars was carried out with the greatest possible care. We exclusively include the best classic cars in our portfolio. Our old-timers are currently between 55 and 80 years old, so genuine vintage cars.

For the most, American vintage cars and Cuba are inseparable.

In fact, there is hardly a place in this world where a higher number of old-timers can be seen on the streets. And of course, a 'Classic Car Tour' from Varadero is something that is a must for a Cuba holiday. We offer you real dream vehicles and multilingual Tour guides.


Whether you want to explore the lively capital of Cuba with the "Tour to Havana", whether you are visiting the Zapata National Park or visiting the wonderful cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad, our tours will take you back to the original Cuba. With our old car tours they see Cuba as it is.

The detailed descriptions of our Classic Car tours can be found in the menu under 'Tours'.


Important NOTE:

We would like to ask you for understanding that, in very rare cases, it may happen that a vehicle needs to enter the workshop at short notice. As described above, the vehicles are very old and we have asked our drivers to fix technical deficiencies immediately.

In the rare event that your old-timer is not available at short notice for a booked tour, we will inform you immediately or we automatically provide an equivalent replacement.


We look forward to seeing you in Varadero!




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